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Wedding is no doubt the biggest moment in every girl’s life. It builds up a completely new world with a sky full of dreams and place full of memories all together. Every one of them try to collect memories with every way possible out there. Starting from the engagement, mehndi, wedding, vidaai, food, reception and so many such phases every girl crosses and ties up a new memory with it. Most important in these moments is the look of the bride that comes out truly well with the dressing and makeup.

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India is marked for its ethnicity and trendy wear in the apparel industry. It might be the only country to hold numerous Indian couture to please everyone’s heart. Designers try hard day and night, toil to get the best outcome from their sketches and designs they pose in their dreams and bring them to reality thus giving it to the fashion industry. Most of the feminine genre is fond of to replicate the fashion trends grabbed up by Bollywood celebs to match and get a feel with the couture they own or wear up for a role. This gives birth to replica clothing thus replicating the originals to match the perfect masterpiece.

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Fashion speaks its own language. It doesn’t see any caste or creed, any genre or any nationality. It’s the trendsetter that gets going between all these. Every country has a different style statement as the trends set by the people there. Feminine genre has always been seen so much conscious about what they wear. Especially the teens and youngsters that feel dead if they are little bit backed away from the latest trend that’s hot in market. Indian fashion is nowhere behind to prove its significant value in the fashion world. Holding up a great ocean of varieties in clothing, apparels, seasonal wears, etc., it has throbbed hearts all over the world. Fabrics ranging countlessly gives every fashion designer to evolve into this galaxy and mark his own brand of stylish clothing. Talking about Indian Couture, most prominent that are reflected are the traditional Indian Sarees & the Salwar Kameez.

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Indians have always been at their best when it comes to something that is their very own. One such masterpiece designed in Indian cultures is the Indian Saree. A simple Cloth woven to something majestic, truly par excellence, an attire to make us pride of our culture and style, India has got. Sarees are simple cloth pages that vary in lengths up to few meters as per the requirement designed up by intrinsic works over it and flawless design with hands or machine both. It’s draped by feminine to bring up her real beauty with it, adding charm to the style flaunted by her. 

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Indian attire has always been an ocean of diversity, ethnicity & creativity. The vibrant colors, various ethnic wears splash is just remarkably superb and when talking of Indian apparel, Salwar Kamiz has a strong place which is worldwide accepted. With a great value of comfort and stupendous mark of style, it comes in as the perfect blend to make it the perfect choice for any kind of event of moment.


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Wedding is the most auspicious moment to anyone in life. For a girl, it’s a world changing thing. Everything for her changes when she leaves her home to start a new life with her better half. Even the dressing sense she has before wedding, it also gets drastic changes. In Indian culture such changes are definitely more prominent. When it comes to wedding, every girl dreams it to be an unforgettable moment in her life. Everything so perfect, all at its best is expected at this stage. When it’s the matter of clothing, girl takes a great pride in projecting herself with the best attire she adorns and that truly makes her day heaven. Clothing on such day may include a beautiful heavy worked Designer Saree or an Exquisite Bridal Chic Lehenga Choli which has become the latest trends for the wedding events and moments. 

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